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Aussie Soles

Kids Thongs

Kids Thongs

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Since conception in 2004 Aussie Soles have been working with Podiatrists to develop the best mid priced Orthotic casual footwear range to the Australian Footwear market. 

In 2010 Aussie Soles performed a National study with Podiatrists. 84% of podiatrists from our survey stated they would recommend Aussie Soles Starfish over the standard traditional flat polyurethane, rubber / leather thong. 

Aussie Soles Starfish thongs have the health of your feet in mind, with an anatomically correct arch and heel support. Made from a specially designed lightweight closed cell polymer foam (AusLite) Starfish thongs hug the feet, allowing them to relax and walk naturally.

See what Denise Robertson from Shoogle Podiatry has to say :


At Shoogle Podiatry we recommend and sell Aussie Soles Thongs due to their comfort and inbuilt arch support. Comfort in footwear is key, and the material used in Aussie Soles Thongs is soft, increasing comfort when walking and aids in the absorption of shock. We also like footwear that contains arch support, as this can assist in the support of feet, and efficiency of foot function during gait. As well, arch support may also decrease stresses placed on the feet when walking by adjusting the feet to a better biomechanical position. The Aussie Sole’s Children's Thongs have been popular with our patients, with advantages being provided for younger feet via the deep heel cup, back heel elastic strap in the toddler sizes, a metatarsal bar, and of course arch support.

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